After Installed WordPress, Things You Should Tune Up!


Hello, Bloggers!

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From my experience, WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform.  It’s suitable for beginner to Pro.

Most Convenient, Reliable, Also Free to Install. tons and tons of free and Premium Plugins, Themes to make your Blog/Site Awesome.

That is why every blogger suggests WordPress to start a Blog.

Okay, I just Installed WordPress. What’s Next?

Here, Some Important Tune Ups and Setting Configuration After installed The WordPress.

1. Permalinks:

URL Structure is a Very Important thing to configure and care. because of a post or page URL Play main role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So configuring SEO Friendly URL Structure is the First thing to do After installing WordPress.

Settings > PermaLinks > Post Name

“Post Name” is the Best URL Structure for SEO. And the “Plain” is the Fastest Loading URL but Not Good for SEO.

2. WordPress and Site Address:

If you want HTTPS (SSL) For your Blog, First You Need to Change the WordPress address and Site Address to HTTPS Version. (Also WWW or Non-WWW)

Changing https without installing SSL, cause Danger symbol in Address Bar.

Once you changed the URL to https, Install SSL in First Hand.

Don’t Worry Standard Free SSL Out There. Bluehost and other leading Hosting Providers Offer Free Let’s Encrypt SSL with their Hosting Plan.

You can Also, Manually install Let’s Encrypt if your Hosting Not Give Let’s Encrypt by Default.

3. HTTP to HTTPS Redirection:

After installing A Free or Premium SSL, Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS of your blog is the Important thing.

Google Also Prefer SSL Version websites over Non-SSL Sites. their free Blogger Platform also recently Added the Feature of Free Let’s Encrypt for Custom Domains Hosted on Blogger.

So Proper Redirection will Make your Blog Most Secured and Google Friendly.

There are Lot’s of Free HTTPS Redirection Plugins Available on WordPress. just search Http to Https redirection in Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins

Install Most Rated Plugin and Activate it.

Or you can Add a couple of Lines in .htaccess file. it’s located on CPanel your Webhosting File Manager (Web Root) > Your Domain Directory > .htaccess

Sometimes the file was hidden. in Linux OS and Linux Hosting adding a dot before a file or a folder make it Hidden.

So, Check show Hidden files if .htaccess not showed up.

Just Add this to redirect HTTP to HTTPS:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

4. Increasing Max Uploading Size of Plugins and Themes and RAM:

This one also Important while you are Uploading a Large size of theme or Plugin to WordPress.

To Avoid Memory Limit Exceed Errors Just Adding some lines of code in php.ini will help you.

Also, You can Allot More RAM Memory for your Blog, if you are hosting multiple domains in One Hosting Plan.

Cpanel > File Manager (Web Root) > Your Domain Directory > Create New FIle > php.ini > Edit that file > Paste following codes and Save.

max_execution_time 360
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 64M
upload_max_filesize 64M

You can change the memory limit to 256M or More if you Need. before changing the memory_limit check what is the size of your Physical Memory (RAM) of Hosting.

These settings will solve File Uploading and RAM memory limit errors.

5. Comment Moderation:

Comments Moderation is the next thing to take care. because some blog/website owners try to build links via Blog Commenting.

Even, Blog commenting is no more considers as SEO Signal of Google, people just continueously doing it.

Maybe to drive traffic to their blog.

To avoid such Spam comments you can go to Settings > Discussion.

WordPress Comment option by default Only Allows Previously Approved Commenters.

Just Tick A Comment is Held for Moderation and Comments Must be Approved Manually.

Now every comment can be Edited and Approved by you.

Also, Automatic comment close, Blacklisting Spammers IP and more features Offered in WordPress.

6. Reading settings:

Just Change Article Feed, Show Full Text to Summary. otherwise, the full Post will be sent to your e-mail (Jetpack) subscribers and followers.

To Avoid this, Just Select Summary Option.


These are some Important settings to Configure just Installed After WordPress.

These are from my own experience. maybe I just excluded or Missed some other Important Tune Ups like this.

Please, Include them in the Comment Section, They will be useful to me and Other Bloggers reading this Article!

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I Will share the Important Plugins to Install Before Write and Publish a Post in Next Article.

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