Google Adsense Account Approval (Fast) | 2019 Updated

Dear Bloggers,

Looking for Making some money through your blog? Still confused about the best Monetization methods?

don’t worry this Post will clarify your Monetization confusions.

Making money online is the most of the Internet users expectation. but how? is the question here.

I Say starting a Blog!

Yes! starting a Blog and Monetizing it Properly will allow you to make some real bucks.

If you want to know How to start a Blog? Just Visit the Link:

When it’s come to Monetization Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the Greatest Ways.

Google Adsense is the Only Best CPC Ad Network. No other Ad Companies Meets the CPC and CPM (RPM) rate of Google Adsense.

That’s why every New Bloggers Looking for Google Adsense Approval. Also, Big News Publishers Main Monetization is Adsense.


What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Ad Publishing Program Run by Google LLC. they manually Approve Blogs, Websites, Android Apps and Youtube Channels to Publish Adsense Ads.

Once the Application is Approved By Displaying Google Ads the site owner will Earn Revenue.

The CPC (Cost Per Click) is High at $ 300 and Low as $ 0.01. this varies from Niches to Niche.

Getting a Quick Approval from them Requires certain Criteria.

because Google Adsense Always wanted to maintain their Quality of Service.

Google Adsense Account Approval Checklists:

Quality Content:

The first and foremost required qualification to get Approval. we consider this quality content as Original content.

New, Fresh contents are always loved by Google. so they prefer quality contents.

Original content means Do I Need to write content does not exist on the Internet?

Not, Exactly! you can write contents already published but in your own way.

You can find Tons of Weight losing Articles on Google. it does not mean you are not allowed to write such contents.

As I Said Google Always Loves Fresh, Updated Content. when things get old google looks for a New Content.

So, there is a lot of probability to Get ranked High on that same topic.

When you re-writing an Article make sure it’s Up to date.

At least 10-15 Articles, a minimum of 500 words each is Suggested.


You Should Add About, Contact, Privacy Policy Pages to your Blog in order to Get Approval.

So Write Proper About Page. your Bio, Experience, Achievements, Skills are best things to share on About Page.

Contact Page: Use Any one of the Contact Form. contact form is the Must one.

Privacy Policy: Another Important Page you should Attach. you can write Privacy policy on your own.

What kind of data you collect from users, is your site uses cookies are the main things to Include in Privacy Policy.

Also, Never forget to Display GDPR Cookies notice.

You can also, generate Privacy Policy Page from any Online Privacy Policy Generator. Just Google it!

Use Open Source Materials:

Only use Open source Materials and Media files on your blog. never ever use any copyrighted materials before getting Approved from Adsense.

Always use stock images on your blog. or make your own graphics Image for your Blog Articles.

No Porn, Adult, Sensitive, Violence, Hate Speech:

The above said contents are never Approved by Adsense.

These are the Main criteria expected from Google.

Some other requirements:

  1. Blogger Subdomains are not an issue for getting approval.
  2. Domains from certain countries should be old. at least 3 to 6 months.
  3. Apart from English, Adsense Approves Some other Languages. check the Language list here:
  4. Never Place any other Ads While your Adsense Application in a review.
  5. Be Patient and Keep writing New articles. your Site will be Approved!


These are some things needs to consider before Applying to Google Adsense.

Most of the times they reject New Applications first, second and few times.

So don’t get frustrated with Rejections. when you feel your blog is worthy to get Approval just Re-Apply.

You, Will, be Get Approved!

In case of any questions, Just Ask it in the Comment Box. I am here to help you!!

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