How to Start A Blog and Be a Boss?

How-to-start-a-blogHello Everyone! Want to start an Online Business and Like to be an Own Boss? This How to Start A Blog is the Right Guide for You!

Why Online Business? it’s the Only Business Involved Low Investment. both Cost and Time. also, Low Risk! There are lots of Online Business out there but Blogging is the Basic and Best Startup one to Learn Others.

Why Blogging?

First Fact: It’s Easy. Yeah, Blogging is the Easy way to Make Passive Income Online.

Then It’s Reliable, No Time Frame can Blog from Anywhere, Anytime No Target Completion and You are The Boss.

Freedom of Choosing What do Write. Everybody has some unique Knowledge in Specific Niches(Blog Term). Maybe you are Good at Travelling,  Cooking, DIY Arts and More Like this.

Why Wasting your Talent? Just start a Blog and Express your Skills. you will be Rewarded for that useful thing you shared.

Where and How to Start a Blog?

If you Looking for Best Blogging Platforms is the Best Content Management System to Build a Blog. Most of you Heard Free Blogspot Free Sub-Domains and Domain Integration.

Comparing to WordPress, Blogger has very Low Features among Marketing a Blog. SEO-Search Engine Optimization is the Organic Way to Drive Traffic to your Blog.

But, Blogger Lacks Complete SEO Optimization Features. You can’t change the URL Structure, Can’t Remove Date from URL and More SEO Features are Not Available.

Why you want to Build a Blog on Blogger, you don’t have full Access to it.

By the way, WordPress Has tons and tons of Themes and Plugins to Peak your Online Business.

So, WordPress is the Best Platform to start a blog. How can I Build My Blog with WordPress?

You Need a Web Hosting Plan for it? Don’t worry it only costs $3 USD Per Month.

I Advise Beginners Bloggers to start their first Blog With Shared Hosting Plans. as a beginner, you have to learn more about Blogging.

No need to Buy some Premium Hosting Plans. Once your Blog Succeed and drive Traffic and conversions jump to Premium Hosting Plans with High Spec.

Reliable and Affordable Hosting Plan:

BlueHost Provides Best Reliable Hosting Plan for Small and Big Online Business. It’s the Only Web Hosting Plans comes with Affordable and 99.9 Uptime and 24×7 Free Customer Help.

One-click WordPress Install, Free SSL(HTTPS), Free Domain are some Extra Benefits you get from Bluehost.

These Features comes with Basic to Ultimate Plans.

How to purchase Hosting with a Free domain from Bluehost?

1. Go to and tap “Get started now” button.



2. Select your plan. Basic or Plus or Choice Plus.


3. select a free domain name. if you already have one. update it.

4. Then fill up your Account information and Billing Address.


5. Now select the Package 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. select long term 36 months package to reduce the billing cost.


6. select the payment method and provide payment detail.



7. Create a password for your account.




8. Select a free theme and start building a site.



9. Now you are done. here the WordPress dashboard looks like. build and launch your site!




That’s it. we successfully created a blog with Bluehost. now you are ready to go. publish great contents, solve people problems, Monetize and Make money online.

Something Extra You Need to Be a Blogger:

  1. You Should Work Hard and Learn More to Succeed in Blogging Career.
  2. You Should Have a Hope. Only less than 5% of the Bloggers Make Million Dollars Online.
  3. Others Only Make some Hundred or Less Than a Hundred Bucks.
  4. Passion: You Must Passionate about Blogging. Only Blogging to Make Money will Lose your Hope.
  5. Patience is The Key to Success.
  6. Consistency and Fresh Contents are the Most Liked things From Google Webmaster. So, Be Active.
  7. Driving a Blog Traffic and Making Conversion from your Blog is Tricky thing. So Learn Them Carefully.
  8. If you are started following Above things Probably going to Be a Successful Blogger.


This is a simple Guide for How to start a Blog. I Will Share SEO, Social Media Marketing, Profitable Monetization Methods in the Features Posts.

There is No Good time to start a Blog. Already there are Lots of competition. Be first to Grab the Success!